One of the most important and relevant functions that your professional advisor can provide, taxation on both a personal and business level can be a very complicated and difficult-to-understand topic.

Businesses: Aside from preparing its annual accounts, a business must also prepare a separate computation for the tax authorities that works-out its tax liability for the period just ended. This is regardless of whether the business is incorporated or not.

Individuals: Individuals not running their own business may still from time to time need to prepare a tax computation to take account of an unusual or extraordinary event such as a large inheritance, the sale of an asset or income from overseas. This would be regardless of whether the individual is already submitting a self-assessment tax return or not.

ASK Services is qualified and expert in assisting its clients prepare the necessary computation and return, whether the liability is for business or personal.

Forward Planning: For start-up and SME businesses in particular, as well as for some individuals, careful and often quite basic forward planning can provide substantial benefits in terms of minimising tax liabilities in the short-, medium- and long-term. All our clients have access to, and benefit from, our expert knowledge in this area.

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